Why Polysulfone?

Polysulfone (PSU) is a strong, high-temperature amorphous thermoplastic known for its high service temperature, low creep, dimensional stability, and good stiffness. It is an ideal choice for machining plastic parts..


PSU's unique properties allow it to be used across a wide temperature range from -150° F to above 300° F. It has one of the highest service temperatures among all melt-processable thermoplastics, making it a good replacement to polycarbonates when higher temperatures, improved chemical resistance and/or autoclavability is required.

Easily machined and fabricated, PSU is a cost-effective alternative to glass. Additionally, it can be effectively sanitized with standard sterilization techniques and cleaning agents, remaining tough and durable in water, steam and chemically harsh environments. PSU's excellent combination of properties along with its cost effectiveness has made it an ideal thermoplastic in diverse markets..


Electronic Parts

Automotive Parts

Fiber Optics

Medical Instruments Requiring Sterilization

Medical Filtration

Food Processing

Pipes and Plumbing Fixtures

Home Appliances

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